CVbuildr makes it easier for you to get discovered in your industry

why CVbuildr works.

CVbuildr is easy to use.

We at CVbuildr have taken years designing and perfecting our online resume system, making sure:

  • the steps and processes are clear and intuitive
  • that relevant information is always readily available to help and guide you
  • we have a complete template that covers all skill-sets and careers
  • we have an intelligent system that learns and grows with our members

CVbuildr is safe and secure.

your online resume is safe and secure

We ensure that CVbuildr uses the best, industry-standard security systems to ensure your privacy is protected:

  • We give you the choice as to WHAT information is displayed publicly
  • We give you the choice as to WHO has access to your information
  • Firewalled, locked-down web servers that are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Tightly encrypted application content
  • Limited, reviewed access to our databases and systems

CVbuildr lets employers find you.

let employees search your online cv

We have a whole team dedicated to working with recruiters and employers, helping them use CVbuildr, and all its advanced search features that comes with it.

So you can rest assured that once you upload your resume, you will get noticed as recruiters and employers are ready and waiting for the skill-sets you could potentially provide them.

However if you want to be proactive, or possibly know of a job you want to apply for, you can use our online coverletter generator to email your CV to a potential employer or recruitment consultant.

a webCV takes seconds to create.

If you already have a resume in a Word, PDF, Text or RTF document you can upload it using our CV uploader and have a CVbuildr created in seconds.

Alternatively, you can create a fresh resume from scratch using our comprehensive online CV creation wizard.

having a webCV increases your exposure.

By putting your resume on CVbuildr, you are automatically opening yourself to a wide range of recruiters and employers who use our system to look for candidates.

Your resume can also be indexed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN which results in greater opportunities to get discovered.

CVbuildr makes writing a CV easier.

CVbuildr online resume wizard

We make writing CV's easier by:

  • Having a complete, concise resume template that recruiters love
  • Intelligent wizards (guiding you through complex tasks, breaking them down and making them easier)
  • Providing tips and helpful information
  • Allowing job-seekers access to a large and growing database of searchable skill-sets

CVbuildr is 100% free.

CVbuildr is a 100% free service for job-seekers, enabling them to better their chances at getting a job that's right for them.

We can offer this service for free, because we receive revenue from advertising and software development services targeting the recruitment industry.