CVbuildr helps you create an online resume so you can get a better job more efficiently

how CVbuildr works.


There are two ways you can create your online resume using CVbuildr:

create an online resume
  1. Upload your existing resume

    This is the fastest way to get your resume online.

    All you need to do is sign up, upload your resume and let our internet-geek-i-ness create a hot, fresh-looking resume, that recruiters and employers alike love.

  2. Create a fresh resume using our online CV Creation Wizard

    Although this method takes a little bit longer, there are also benefits to starting from scratch:

    • We guide you through the whole process.
    • It's done step-by-step, and is saved regularly so if you get called away, you won't lose any of your resume information.
    • We give you tips and suggestions as you're going, so that you can make your resume the best it can be.


connecting job-seekers with employers

We have a whole team dedicated to working with recruiters and employers, helping them use CVbuildr, and all its advanced search features that comes with it.

So you can rest assured that once you upload your resume, you will get noticed as recruiters and employers are ready and waiting for the skill-sets you could potentially provide them.

However if you want to be proactive, or possibly know of a job you want to apply for, you can use our online coverletter generator to email your CV to a potential employer or recruitment consultant.


Do you want to know who is looking at your resume? Do you want to know if people like your resume?

These are common problems people have when they're job-seeking. They lack feedback on how their job-seeking efforts are going.

connecting job-seekers with employers

For example, if you apply for 10 jobs, and send your resume with a coverletter but you don't get any response back, you would like to know why you didn't get a response.

Was is because your cover-letter wasn't written properly? Was it because your resume lacked the skill-sets the job requires? Was it because your resume was incomplete or not written well enough? Did they even look at your resume?

We solve all of this by tracking exactly what employers activities are on CVbuildr, so you can:

  • See if your cover letter has been sent, viewed or replied to
  • Track who has looked at your webCV and when
  • Get feedback from recruiters and employers on your resume's appropriateness for a given position

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