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free online resume.

CVbuildr lets you create an online resume, storing it online for employers and recruitment consultants to search.

Our primary goal is to create a standardised resume template, that makes it easier for job-searchers and employers to meet.

Some of the unique features this service includes:

  • Intelligent CV Uploader

    If you already have a resume, and are happy with it's contents, there's no need to rewrite it, or go through the hassle of copy and pasting it into a bunch of forms.

    Our intelligent CV Uploader can take your CV and convert it automatically into a searchable, structured and professional online CV.

  • Guided CV Creation Wizard

    If you don't already have a resume you can use our CV creation wizard to guide you through the process of creating a professional, complete online resume that employers and recruitment consults alike have come to love.

  • Direct access to your online resume

    With our free service, you get a dedicated address you can send people to, so they can view your resume online instantly.

    For example, John Smith creates a CVbuildr resume and wishes to call it JSmith_Accountant. That resume can then be viewed directly at But you can set your privacy such that this resume will not be shown on Google or anywhere in public, only to people you send it to.

free online cover-letter generator.

Once a CVbuildr has been created, you can use our coverletter generator to send your CV to potential employers.

The cover-letter generator writes a coverletter based on the job that the job-searcher is applying for, and the CV they've already created.

tracking and analysis.

It's important to know if your resume is working for you. That's why we track who is looking at your online resume and accept ratings and comments from those visitors that could help you know what they found good about it and what can be improved.

emailed job notifications.

If you choose to, CVbuildr can email you jobs based on keywords you specify or if they seem relevant to the CVbuildr you have created.

Just another way CVbuildr is trying to make it easier for you to get the right job.

online help.

Writing a hot resume, that will really impress the people reviewing it, can be hard for some people. For this reason we have compiled tips and a help section that will make it easier writing that winning resume.