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  • What is a CVbuildr?

    A CVbuildr is a standard online resume template for candidates and recruiters to liaise with each other. It is a complete, secure and professional online resume repository, allowing candidates to create a standardized online CV and recruiters to locate and contact the best candidates in the market, for any industry.

  • Where is CVbuildr based?

    CVbuildr is based in Australia and New Zealand and is the internet's fastest-growing online resume repository. The site aims to help members worldwide to "get discovered" with less stress and greater flexibility.

  • How do I register with CVbuildr?

    Signing up to CVbuildr is simple: fill in the required details by clicking here.

    Once signed up, you may want to get started on creating your CV. If you're a recruiter looking for candidates, get started searching for candidates.

    Remember: We take your privacy very seriously. You have complete control over who is able to see your CV and all fields (e.g. name, telephone number, email address) are individually mask-able, to hide/show them at your discretion.

  • How do I create a CVbuildr?

    You have two choices when creating a CVbuildr. The first is the easiest: Simply upload your existing resume in Word (doc/docx), pdf, or plain text format. Our proprietary resume-parsing technology extracts the relevant information from your resume, and creates a new CVbuildr for you. While being a state-of-the-art system, you may have to manually enter certain information, and it is highly recommended you fill in as much detail as possible in order to get the best results.

    The second option is to use the CVbuildr wizard: The wizard consists of a step-by-step guide to creating the most complete resume possible. By filling in as much information as possible, you will enhance your chance of getting discovered for your perfect job role. Remember: You can save your Wizard and return at any time to complete it.

  • Can I upload my existing resume?

    Yes. If you already have a resume, and are happy with its contents, there's no need to rewrite it, or go through the hassle of copy and pasting it into a bunch of forms.

    See How do I create a CVbuildr?

  • Why CVbuildr works?

    See Why CVbuildr Works

  • Can I directly access my CVbuildr?

    Yes, you can access to your online resume anytime. With our free service, you get a dedicated address you can send to anyone, so they can view your resume online instantly.

    For example, John Smith is a website developer and creates a CVbuildr at CVbuildr/JohnSmith_WebDeveloper2009.

    See Step 1: CVbuildr Name for more details

  • Who can access my CVbuildr?

    You decide. Because we take privacy very seriously, CVbuildr was designed in such a way that you have complete control over who can see your CV, and who can't. On your CV's dashboard, you can select your CV's access level in the 'Privacy Master Control' section. This setting will override all individually masked fields in your CV (whichever access level is strictest).

  • How can I send my CV to potential employers?

    While creating a CVbuildr is a great way to let potential employers find you, why not be pro-active and send your CV link directly to recruiters/employers!

    By navigating to the 'Send Your CV' section, you can send recruiters/employers your professional-looking, complete, industry-standard online resume, with the added option of keeping your contact details safe.

  • How I am going to know if my CVbuildr is working for me or not?

    It's important to know if your CV is working for you. Our proprietary tracking [link] system keeps you updated with in-depth information as to who is looking at your CV, how often, how many messages you've received, on what dates, etc.

    Keeping track of your CV will ensure that you are getting the response you are after. If you think your CV could be performing better, why not check out CVbuildr's samples for some expert tips and examples on how to provide the information that will get you ahead in the market place.

  • Will CVbuildr notify me about new vacancies?

    Yes. Our proprietary job-notification technology will match your CV details with the latest opportunities in the market. No need for you to specify keywords or any of that stuff, just plain and simple. You also specify exactly how frequently you'd like to receive notifications (or not at all).

    Just another way CVbuildr is trying to make it easier for you to get the right job.

  • How do I create a great-looking resume? Does CVbuildr have samples?

    Writing a professional, attention-capturing resume can be a daunting task. Luckily, we've compiled a set of professional samples for various industries, for you to look at. Click here to check out CVbuildr's resume samples.

  • What are the eligibilities of the CVbuildr?

    If you're looking for work and want to make managing your resume simpler, then you are eligible. That's it, nothing more required.

CVbuildr's Wizard Steps & Help

Step 1: CVbuildr Name

your CV's name is what uniquely identifies your CV. It is also the link where your CV can be found, e.g. http://www.CVbuildr/JohnSmith_WebDeveloper2009.It is where recruiters or the public (depending on the access level you've chosen for your CV) can view your CV.

It is recommended that you pick something professional and descriptive. It doesn't need to include your name so if you'd like to remain anonymous, feel free to use only a description or anything else (as long as it's within permissible character range: letters, numbers, underscores and dashes are OK).

Remember: You can change your CV name at any time, however it is recommended that you pick a good one and stick to it in order for employers/recruiters to able to come back to a link they discover in their email inbox in a month's time.

Step 2: Contact Details

Fill in as much or as little as you like. It is recommended you specify at least which city you are currently in, as this will tell recruiters where you are based and looking for work.

Step 3: Summary

In step three you will be asked to write a brief summary for your CV. This section is a brief overview of you: your educational and career history, your achievements and skills. It isn't meant to be an essay, just two or three paragraphs that serve as an introduction to you and your resume.

Step 4: Achievements

Don't sell yourself short! Put down as much of your (career and otherwise) achievements to make a great first impression with potential employers and recruiters.

Step 5: Work History

Enter as much detail as possible for each position you have held throughout your career. This will give prospective recruiters an immediate idea of your level of skill and experience in your field of work.

Step 6: Education

As with employment history, your education history is important to an employer, so fill it in as thoroughly as possible. Including your education shows that you have nothing to hide and implicates that you have ambition to achieve in life.

Step 7: Skills

Probably the most important step in the CVbuildr wizard, skills will (mainly) be what recruiters and employers will be searching against when looking for candidates for new roles. Enter as many business, product and language skills as possible (and respective number of years experience in each) to stand the best chance of getting noticed for that perfect role.

Step 8: Licenses & Certifications

Enter any licenses and certifications you may have.

Step 9: Associations

Show off your ambition and passion by listing associations you belong to.

Step 10: Visa Information

Enter each country for which you currently hold a valid visa and/or citizenship. The visa type simply tells the recruiter about the level of 'work permission' of the visa, while the visa name is more specified, .e.g "457 Sponsored Visa" in Australia.

Step 11: Interests

Another area to show off your passions and interests and that you're able to maintain a work-life balance; enter as much interests as possible.

Step 12: Personal Information

Enter your job seeking status and availability here. Gives recruiters an idea of when you will be available, whether you would consider relocation, etc. Remember: Privacy is key: Mask as much or as little information as you like.